Bare Bottom OTK Hairbrush Spanking

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sarah stern spanking men
bare bottom otk hairbrush spanking
man gets spanked otk with hairbrush

Sarah Stern gives naughty Nigel a hard bare bottom otk hairbrush spanking. His visit to Sarah makes it clear that he has been misbehaving. When she confronts him, he admits that he must confess and have someone punish him. Sarah is a strong powerful women and she’s the perfect person to administer punishment. He’s taken over then knee with his bottom bared. Sarah then spanks him hard with bare hand followed by a stinging hairbrush spanking at Sarah Spanks Men!


Spanking Her Husband With Wooden Spoon

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gigi allens spanks husband with wooden spoon
angry wife spanking husband
husband spanked with wood spoon

Angry wife Gigi Allens gives her husband a spanking with wooden spoon for not doing his chores. She’s told him that he must complete his chores but they’re still not done yet. Gigi has had enough of her lazy husband’s disobedience. It’s time he learns that this strong and stern women cannot be ignored. Gigi puts her husband over then knee and spanks him with a stinging wooden spoon at Clare Spanks Men!


Betty Blaze Administers Hard Punishment

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paddling over jeans for bad boy
bare bottom boy paddled
fm otk spanking

Strict Miss Betty Blaze administers a hard punishment for very a bad boy. Austin is in need of the strict discipline that only Betty Blaze can provide. His recent behavior makes it very clear he need to be punished. Miss Blaze instructs him to bend over the desk for a paddling over jeans. Then she pulls his jeans down and paddles his bare bottom. She isn’t finished punishing this naughty boy yet. For a bottom reddening finale, she takes the unruly male over the knee for a bare bottom hand spanking at Women Spanking Men!

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Pathetic Male Caned For Playing With Nurse

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Pathetic Male Caned

Sarah Stern comes home from work early and catches her husband getting spanked by a naughty nurse. The two have been fooling around and she’s been doing things that no nurse should, including being topless and spanking his bottom!

Pathetic Husband Spanked Hard FM Spanking Spanking His Bottom

Sarah is strict woman and believes in the administration of harsh discipline. She wastes no time in administering a painful punishment. She grabs a few long birch rods and giving him an extremely hard caning. The naughty nurse is forced to watch while in fear of incurring strict Sarah’s wrath too!



Naughty Boy Spanked OTK

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Gigi Allens has had enough of her boss acting like a diva. It’s time she shows him who’s really in charge! She orders the naughty boy over her knee with commanding authority. Gigi spanks him hard with her bare hand as he’s chastised for being a spoiled brat. But she’s not done teaching this bad boy a lesson. She grabs a large wooden bath brush and gives him a punishment that he won’t ever forget!

fm-spanking-otk otk-spankings female-disciplinarian

Gigi isn’t going to let her male boss act a fool. She put him right in his place. She’s the one in charge around here. Once she’s done disciplining the naughty boy, she immediately sends him on his way with a very sore and red bottom!